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these small shot cups (they're not glass, after all!) hold about 2-ish ounces of liquid, but they're good for more than your favorite cocktail. use them to hold airplants, hair pins, toothpicks, paper clips... the list goes on! caramel popcorn here is shown for scale.


this is the slightly taller of the two seafoam shot cups available.


price includes shipping! all pottery mason pieces are microwave- and dishwasher-safe. use and enjoy with care.


about our seafoam glaze:

our most popular glaze on white clay, satin to the touch, and true to its namesake in color. the seafoam glaze in this shop run is a little lighter and more muted, lending an additional sense of seaside calm. Just imagine your worries washing away.

shot cup in seafoam (2oz)

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